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Procore + Matterport

Identify site issues sooner and achieve efficient project outcomes with immersive 3D clarity of the job site.

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All eyes on your project, all the time.

Now, you can bring the visual site context of Matterport digital twins to every phase in the construction lifecycle.

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Combining the power of two platforms.

Experience the future of construction project management with the Procore and Matterport integration. This partnership enables seamless collaboration among stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle by streamlining workflows, eliminating information loss, and communicating project issues in immersive 3D.

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Work from a single source of truth.

Enhance collaboration among contractors, owners, architects, and stakeholders with 3D documentation. Add RFIs, Observations, or Coordination Issues to your Matterport 3D model for clear visual context, easier issue resolution, and fewer costly changes.


Visualize accurate site conditions. 

With easily accessible 3D visuals, project teams can interpret spaces better, reduce travel costs, identify coordination issues, and increase on-site productivity. The integration of Matterport with Procore provides clarity for understanding site conditions and resolving issues quickly.


Streamline project management.

The Matterport integration with Procore centralizes project milestones for improved record-keeping, allowing you to track progress, control quality, and streamline closeout processes. Import Matterport add-ons (BIM Files or MatterPaks) to collaborate more efficiently with design and build teams.

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Start-to-finish construction solutions.

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Enhance project visibility.

Gain comprehensive visual context and eliminate costly miscommunication. Enhance collaboration, streamline decision-making, and drive project success.

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Centralize key information.

Add Request for Information (RFIs), Observations, or Coordination Issues directly to the Matterport 3D model, ensuring all stakeholders have access to critical information in one centralized location.

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Maximize on-site productivity.

Reduce risk and optimize efficiency with Matterport digital twins, minimizing on-site visits and enhancing workforce utilization.

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Collaborate with visual clarity using Procore and Matterport

When it comes to construction projects, effective collaboration is the cornerstone of success. 

In today’s fast-paced world of construction management, architecture, and engineering, construction professionals are constantly seeking innovative solutions to boost productivity and streamline their digital transformation journey.

Check out our webinar with Procore to learn how to enhance collaboration, identify issues sooner, and improve project efficiency.

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Get started with Procore Construction Software and Matterport digital twins.

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