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Increase operating efficiency.


Take your manufacturing facilities online to visualize your operations from anywhere. Digital twins deliver valuable insights that allow you to streamline maintenance and repairs, enhance production, and transfer knowledge at scale.

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Better for your people, your process, and the planet.

Discover all the ways Matterport digital twins enhance manufacturing operations.

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Accelerate Manufacturing Efficiency.

In our new eBook, we walk you through how a Matterport digital twin can help accelerate efficiencies by providing 3D spatial context 24/7 from anywhere, including the manufacturing floor.

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Uplevel process optimization.

Accelerate factory space planning and retrofitting by easily converting your spatial data into BIM (Building Information Model) and point cloud files. Streamline repair, maintenance, and installation prep remotely—while seamlessly integrating with other IoT systems.

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Achieve greater sustainability.

Reduce emissions with remote site access, saving time, money, and risk with a direct and measurable impact on ESG (environmental, social, and governance) efforts.

On average, each digital twin avoids around

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0.15 tonnes

of CO2e from being emitted.

The equivalent of driving a personal car for around

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444 miles.
ESG stats

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We can open an accurate, high-quality digital twin during an online meeting and virtually walk through the space, with everybody seeing everything. It's much better than looking at a diagram of our mill on paper, and there's no need for in-person visits. It's a great way to get started quickly without the need to spend the time or cost traveling.

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Robert Gidlund Project Manager | Metsä Board Husuma

Although the digital twins were captured originally for sales and marketing purposes, they've become a valuable tool to onboard new employees, helping employees grasp knowledge of facilities and equipment. And, the spatial data is especially useful for measuring and analyzing new production lines and reconfiguring the factory floor.

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Terry Arbaugh Vice President, Sales & Marketing | SEACOMP

Make Data Driven Decisions with Matterport, AWS and Vodafone

Manufacturing is becoming increasingly digitized, leaving today’s operations managers searching for ways to enable and integrate existing equipment and processes into the digital landscape. The task can be daunting, if not impossible, without the proper tools to simplify the digital transformation process.

With the AWS IoT TwinMaker and Matterport integration, operations managers can now leverage Matterport’s technology to combine existing data from multiple sources with real-world data to create a fully integrated digital twin for real-time monitoring, optimization of operations, predictive analysis, and enhanced decision-making.

Add Vodafone’s 5G technology to the mix, and operations managers can connect hundreds of IoT devices for immediate problem resolution. Watch now to learn how AWS and Vodafone helps increase operational efficiency, minimize costs, and gain a competitive edge.

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Manufacturing page - Enable predictive maintenance


Enable predictive maintenance.


Increase equipment uptime by integrating all your essential application data. The Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Matterport partnership simplifies the process of creating a digital twin of your real-world system, resulting in enterprise-level efficiencies.

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A powerful suite of features.

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Built for enterprise manufacturing security and compliance requirements.

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Put all your data in one place with partner integrations.

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Integrate building files directly to an Autodesk Construction Cloud project.

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Collaborate, plan, and share more easily with your team, vendors, or customers.

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Large-scale capture with minimal disruption.

Whether you want to work with our professionals or scan your own facilities, our Pro3 camera captures incredible range with record-time scans. With our blur feature, sensitive information, faces, and detail can be obscured so you can capture with minimal preparation or scheduling.

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